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Roofcoat is recommended for the protection and decoration of all roof tiles such as asbestos, cement cladding or roofing where conditions demand better performance than that offered by conventional emulsion paints. It dries to produce an exceedingly tough, lightfast to withstand the effects of climatic and temperature variation. It possesses excellent weather and microbial resistance. Not recommended for glazed roof tiles.


Surfaces to be painted must be clean and free from loose and flaking materials.

Direction to use

Thinning : Use water if necessary.
Applications : Roofcoat can be applied by brush, roller or spary
Drying time : Touch dry : 25-40 minutes
Hard dry : Within 1 1/2 hours
Number of coats : 2 coats.
Coverage : Approximately 14 sq. metres per litre.
Cleaning Up : Clean with water immediately after use.
Safety, Health & Environmental Information: : Keep the paint container tightly closed and store in a cool place. Always keep out of reach from children as it may be harmful if swallowed. Wear a protective mask during sanding and eye protection during painting. In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Always clean up after accidental spillage and do not dispose into drainage systems.
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