Sissons Siscoseal – Decorative Wood Stain

Siscoseal Decorative Wood Stain is based on a special resin and contains preservatives for the decoration and protection of all timber surfaces against rot and mould growth. It is water resistant and will not crack, peel or blister on exposure to the weather.


Surface Preparation

Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free from paint and varnish prior to application. No primer or undercoat is required.

Direction to use

Primer : New and bare work must be primed with the appropriate primer (see Sissons Technical Data Sheet).
Thinning : Water if necessary.
Applications : The paint is ready for use and should not be thinned. It is suitable for application by brush..
Drying time : Allow overnight drying between coats.
Number of coats : 2 coats.
Coverage : Approximately 14 sq. metres per litre.
Cleaning Up : Clean with mineral turpentine or white spirit immediately after use.