Sissons All Weather Acrylic Paint

A hard wearing, high quality exterior surface coating that is second to none. Alkali-resistant and lightfast, Sissons All Weather is formulated to withstand the harsh extremes of a tropical climate. Guaranteed to endure the test of time, beautifully for five full years. This finish neither crack nor peel nor blister and offers unparallel protection against the growth of all known fungi and algae.


Wall surfaces to be painted must be clean and dry. Remove all loose materials with a stiff fibre brush under running water or a high pressure water jet. Sissons All Weather Acrylic Paint is a self priming finish. Where high alkalinity is present, apply 1 coat of Sissons Alkali Resisting D Primer.

Direction to use

Thinning : The paint is ready for use but for absorbent surface, it should be thinned between 5-10% by volume with water to assist application of the first coat. On subsequent coats, no thinning is required for application by brush. 5% thinning is sufficient to assist roller application under normal circumstances.
Applications : Suitable for applications by brush, roller or spray.
Drying time : Approximately 2 hours.
Number of coats : 2 coats.
Coverage : Approximately 11 sq. metres per litre.
Cleaning Up : Clean with water immediately after use.
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